Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Than Meets The Retina

As comedians, one of things we pride ourselves most on is our originality. Our ability to craft a joke that no one else has written. Sure, there are those out there who blatantly steal jokes, there's parallel thought, and more than one person has written the same joke on numerous occasions. In the comedy business, being labeled a thief is the worst.

That being said, I always get a kick out of blatant copyright infringement in other industries. I love looking at the name some grocery stores give their knockoff cereal brands. Instead of "Rice Krispies", you'll find "Krispy Rice". Right next to "Frosted Flakes", there's "Frosty Flakes of Corn". I think my all time favorite was "Lucky Trinkets".

Anyway, I was looking for something to rent at the video store recently and I saw this gem:

Transmorphers!? Are you kidding me!? I haven't watched this movie yet, but I wonder what it could be about. What kind of cojones do you have to have to approve or write this movie? I've pitched ideas for TV shows and my manager tells me, "That sounds something like a silent film I saw and it's been done."

What's the pitch here? In the same summer as Transformers debuts and breaks box office records, some guy was in a board room, "Ok, um, I have an idea for a movie. These robots can turn into everyday machines and they want to have a war on Earth."

"Um, John...that was a cartoon and is now a major motion picture....LET'S MAKE IT!"

What's next from this company...

"This Christmas, it's the story of a little boy who is left behind while his family goes on vacation. Watch him ward off two burgalars in this hilarious original film, "Home By Myself"."

"Next summer, it's the story of a Vietnam Veteran whos country turns their back on him when he gets home from the war. Be sure to watch, "Born the Day After July 3."

Ok...one more

"A Marine is killed by two fellow soldiers who were just following orders given to them by a controversial General. Lots of drama awaits in..."A Few Good Guys"."

Hope to see you out there,